Frequently Asked Questions

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How do bookings work?
Up Sonder is a national network of drone pilots in over 1,000 US city ready to help the commercial real estate industry capture professional drone footage. Booking on Up Sonder is simple and easy. Clients can book directly from the homepage "booking" button and Up Sonder handles the rest. Or they can self manage all their needs via the Up Sonder marketplace:
  1. Search and compare local drone operators near the property address
  2. Book
  3. Fly
Is Up Sonder safe?
Yes. Up Sonder takes security seriously and takes steps to verify our members - such as verifying social media, email, telephone numbers, and requiring a physical address. Being part of the Up Sonder community means understanding that drones are a powerful tool that should be used responsibly and the reason Up Sonder has verifications standards in place. Up Sonder works hard in the background to help our members build a community and a marketplace that is safe and industry leading.
Where is Up Sonder located?
Up Sonder is a Los Angeles-based company that operates throughout the United States in all time zones. The sharing economy allows Up Sonder the ability to grow into new markets.
What are Up Sonder’s fees?
Becoming a member and having an account with Up Sonder will always be free! Up Sonder earns on every booking transaction. We love our Providers and we show it by making it so each Provider keeps a large majority of every transaction, around 95%! We love it when our Providers make money! Up Sonder also saves the Client money by charging an average of 10% on each booking. These fees are so that Up Sonder can continue its day-to-day operations of advertising drones, processing payments, verifying members, securing information, and most importantly taking businesses Up.
How are payments handled?
Payments and transfers to Providers are made securely on Up Sonder's Marketplace through Braintree, our payment processor, direct to the Provider’s bank account. Braintree is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification. Payments are collected from the clients at point of booking and disbursed to Providers 24 hours after the booking period ends.
Are flights insured?
Yes, insurance is mandatory for all flights.
What prices do I set?
Up Sonder is designed to give you full control over pricing. Up Sonder gives our suggested rate on drone services, but at the end of the day it’s the Providers choice.
May I adjust my availability?
Yes. Please visit the “Calendar” tab under Control to manage your available booking dates.
What happens if I don't accept a request?
You're free to accept and decline any request. You will have 24 hours to respond to all requests. If a request is unanswered, our system will automatically cancel after 24 hours and notify the client. If you can't accept a request, you should always reply so that the client is aware and able to make alternative plans. Note that your response time is documented and displayed on your listing to the public. A higher response time may increase the likelihood clients will send you a request.
May I cancel a request?
Yes. You or the client can cancel the request at any time before payment has been made. You can cancel the request from Control under Reservations.
Are my profits taxed?
Up Sonder will mail you a Form 1099 for earning over $600 in a single tax year. Please contact your tax consultant for further information.
May I alter the booking dates?
Clients can request to alter their booking dates as long as the Provider’s calendar is not blocked for those requested days. All booking date change requests must be approved by the Provider.
What are the refund and cancellation policies?
Each Provider can set the refund policy with their listing. Please be aware that Up Sonder's transaction fees are not refundable.
How does Up Sonder define a Provider?
Up Sonder defines a Provider as a person who has their remote pilot certificate and lists their piloting services using their own personal FAA registered drone.
How does Up Sonder define a Client?
A Client is either a business or an individual needing a pilot to fly a drone for aerial footage.
What forms of payment does Up Sonder accept?
Up Sonder accepts debit and credit cards such as Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners and EMV.
What is Up Sonder's part 107 remote pilot certificate reimbursement?
The FAA Aeronautical Knowledge exam costs $175 to take in order to get your remote pilot certificate. Up Sonder as a company supports new drone pilots who successfully pass the test by paying them back the $175 fee for listing their service on Up Sonder. Just one of the many perks to being a part of the Up Sonder community. Read Up Sonder's terms of agreement for more information.
May I list my service on Up Sonder if I don’t have my remote pilot certificate?
No. It is required by law. All drone service Providers are required to enter their “remote pilot certificate” ID in order to list on Up Sonder.
What drone specifications are required for Up Sonder drone pilots?
Most drones are allowed on the Up Sonder marketplace. However, each drone must be registered with the FAA. Drones on the Up Sonder marketplace are used for high resolution drone footage (20MP+, 4K+) for commercial purposes. Drones that have a camera, or special sensor, and a battery life over 25 minutes are recommended.
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